Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Staying Current or Going Cavegirl

Dear Diary, aka, Imaginary Friend,
Nowadays, it is not enough to know how to email. Artists are expected to be able to download photos, upload photos, edit in Picasa, write and manage a blog, manage their Facebook and My Space sites, and maintain a website. The social networks sometimes feel like a full time job! I feel like any nanosecond, there will be some newer piece of technology that I will be expected to master. Will I ever be sufficiently proficient at technology to keep up? Is it a losing battle? Maybe I should just go scribble images of bison on a cave wall and call it a day.
Nah. But if ever managing my website eats up more time than actually making art does, having a great website will seem like a pyrrhic victory.
If we spend all our time at our computers on our Spacebook, My Face, Your Face, [sic] without actually being out in the world, we will not be creating art or enjoying the company of other people. Not to mention exercising. It can be very isolating to spend a lot of time of the computer. Is that what "social" networking is all about?
Scratching my head, and getting flabby,

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