Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Love Camels and Camels Love Me

I Ride "Michael Douglas" in Giza, in front of the Pyramids

Camel Taxi Stand

I Think They Are Flirting with Me!
Dear Imaginary Friends,

Carlo and I recently went to Egypt and Jordan, and we absolutely loved our trip! To stand in front of the Great Pyramids, outside Cairo, ride camels, walk the Sahara Desert, is nothing short of amazing, when you are a couple of regular old peeps. We had a cool opportunity and grabbed it, to climb inside the Great Pyramid, where Ramses II was once buried. It was like walking up eight flights of stairs, sometimes while hunched over, and sometimes on a rung ladder, straight up. All I can say is, we did it, and can hardly believe we had such an experience.
You should really consider visiting Egypt. We loved it. And the camels are pretty cute.

Your Imaginary Friend,

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