Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sakkara, near Memphis, Egypt

Sakkara Pyramid
The oldest and first pyramid to be built in the ancient times was a simple step pyramid called Sakkara, outside of Cairo.
All pyramids were built as monuments to dead pharaohs. They were located out in the desert so that their tombs would not be found and raided. Eventually, as cities and the population grew, they were all discovered and looted. Hordes of precious gold, silver, and jewels were taken.

The Egyptian weather -- hot and dry -- turned out to be an excellent environment for the preservation of mummies.

The turban on the man shown above is typical of the Bedouins, who are Sahara desert nomads. The turban is long, wound many times around the head, so that if someone in the nomadic tribe died, it could be used as a death shroud. It is commonly worn both in Nubia, Egypt, and in Jordan among the Bedouins.

Like the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared.

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