Thursday, August 7, 2014

Downton Abbey: On Location

Dear friends of all things Anglophilic,
The English are at it again. Julian Fellowes is shooting another season of Downton  Abbey, and today, Carlo and I stumbled into it. 
We were touring Alnwick, north of York, England. We stopped to admire Alnwick Castle, which was used to portray Harry Potter's Hogwarts Castle. As if that were not enough, two antique Rolls Royces pulled up behind us, with leather suitcases tied on in back. It was surprising to see that a lady inside the second car was dressed in period costume. Lo and behold, it was a location filming of Downton Abbey. To make me totally fly off my feet, Hugh Bonneville was having a cup of tea in Alnwick, just as we were!
I am still quite beside myself. 
Your friend,

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