Friday, December 10, 2010

The White House

Dear Imaginary Friends,
What a week! I am one lucky girl, because I was invited to go see the White House decor for the holidays. My great friend Mary and I hit the charter bus and went with her neighborhood group to see President Obama's happening home. To say that this year's decor was fabulous is an understatement. The colors, designed by Laura Dowling, chief florist for the White House, were bold and rich: Peacock blue, fuschia, tangerine, lime, gold. It was like a floral painting: a visual treat. Laura uses the French Naturalist method of bunching flowers together, and then inserts them into a larger bunch. She makes her containers as interesting as the flowers, using a pattern of layered magnolia leaves to cover her vessel. Also, she sometimes uses moss to cover the entire vessel, which gave it a swamp-thing kind of interest.
Amazingly, the White House looked modern, fresh and up to date. No cobwebs here!

The ultimate sighting occured; the Superstar of the White House (Not Obama!Not Michelle!Not Malia or Sasha!) is Mr. Bo the Portuguese Water Dog. As Mary and I stood in the large hallway admiring the lifesize replica of Bo, made of pipe cleaners, his doppelganger, the Real Bo, pranced through with two Secret Service agents, telling all of us to step aside and make way. Everybody touring got a big kick out of seeing Bo. No matter your political leanings, he is as cute as any stuffed animal toy you have ever seen.

Cheers to the holidays!
My Mysterious Visitor, 2008, sold 2010
A Lovely Bird in my backyard, 2008

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