Sunday, October 7, 2012

All Things Natural, Big and Small

Red Bell Peppers

Flowering Quince

Daffodil Study

Great Falls

Grace Gathering Shells

Coffeepot Rock

Love Triangle

Red Roses

Van Gogh's Chair

Lake Okeechobee

Harmony in Blue and Orange

Amethyst Waterlily

Waterlilies Squared
Dear Imaginary Friends,

When I signed up two years ago to have a one woman show, I promised to produce a body of work that contained at least 45 original oil paintings that were all natural, i.e., florals, fruit, vegetables, gardens, seascapes, landscapes, and the grounds of River Farms. I ended up painting four paintings specifically of River Farms and grounds, and seventy-two total to hang on the walls of every room of this magnificent historic building.

I am most assuredly a prolific painter. However, the architectural paintings were slow and deliberate. I kept adjusting over and over again little aspects of proportion, color, shadow. The fruits and vegetables were more loose and free. Not so, the landscapes; I have a hang up about painting trees. For me, it is like speaking in a foreign language; just my little quirk.

Of the above paintings, the one that took me a month was Grace Gathering Shells. I kept changing the little girl and the shoreline, as well as the color of Lewes Bay, to make it interesting and unexpected.

Your Imaginary Fast Painter,

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