Friday, February 15, 2013

Middleton Gardens

Camellias in full bloom

Spanish Moss Frames a View of the Ashley River

Formal Lawn and Butterfly Lakes of Middleton Gardens
When Washington, DC, is gray and devoid of vibrant vegetation (Winter!), I like to trek South to see some greenery and flowers. That is exactly what I found near Charleston, SC, this week at Middleton Gardens. You have never seen so many blooming camellia trees in your life! Some are massive and old, and some are new.

Middleton Gardens are the oldest professionally designed and installed gardens in the United States.

Ancient Oak

Camellias, Cherry Tree, Tulip Magnolias and Azaleas in Bloom

Pea Hens

Wood Nymphs and a Carpeted Path of Camellia Blossoms

There is also a restaurant, a gift shop and many acres to explore, all about 30 minutes easy drive from downtown historic Charleston. The original plantation home was burned down by Union Troops during the Civil War, and only a brick ruin remains. But the gardens endure, all these 175 years.

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