Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brilliant! The Philadelphia Flower Show

It's Raining Flowers

Lovely Planter

Statue with Hollyhocks

Banquet Table fit for a king

Big Ben

Mini Doll House Conservatory- the Butler, in the conservatory, with a wrench!

Flowers galore

A Doll House Mini Grand Salon. Downton Abbey?

Very Austin Powers!
This year's Philadelphia Flower Show is a splash of color with a British twist. There are multiple themes inspired by all things English, such as the Beatles, and the Carnaby Street look, all the way to Big Ben, the Tower, and the crown jewels. Take a trip through my photos and see what you may have missed. Show ends this Sunday.
It smelled lovely and the marketplace had an astounding array of goodies for purchase. The vendors sell items that one cannot find anywhere else.

Your Imaginary Garden Enthusiast,

All photos are unretouched, taken by moi, with my iphone.copyright2013.

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