Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hospital Food

Dear Imaginary Friends,

Gone are the days when food served at hospitals was enough to make one run out of a room shrieking and barefoot, hospital gown flapping behind, wildly.

I remember back in the day being served rust flavored liver, shepherd's pie, (containing real shepherds), and jello in red eye gravy. Ewwww.

Today, it is more about purple Peruvian lentil tacos and edamame, with smoothies to wash down the new age food. You can custom order at Fairfax Hospital the following: Soft drinks, pizza, ice cream, cookies and chocolate layer cake. Any time of day or night! Are they kidding me? That diet might actually give a girl a reason to live, as opposed to the death by shepherd's shoe leather. It implies that the patients are actually encouraged to eat and drink.

Maybe civilization has truly arrived at the very best time to be alive, in the history of the planet. The unthinkable has occurred.

Your imaginary friend,

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