Monday, November 22, 2010

Today We Give Thanks -- make gratitude your attitude

Dear Imaginary Friends,
Cherry Pie, 8 x 10", Oil
What an excellent time of year! Thanksgiving is upon us. (Which also means that Christmas cannot be far behind.) I relish the putting on of a big family dinner for the holidays, complete with about ten dishes, mostly traditional. 
Patsie, Thanksgiving, 2009
We find comfort in gathering around us our most beloved family members and our dearest friends. For some reason, we delight in eating the same dishes year after year. So what is the difference between monotony and comforting regularity? Thanksgiving is the one time of the year when ingenuity and change are least desirable. Sameness is the order of the day, but what a delicious sameness. Don't be creative; just serve the darn turkey!
Because I am not a turkey expert, I buy mine precooked every year from Popeye's, for a little New Orleans spice factor. There is no place like home, but if you cannot be there, maybe because you hate being xrayed up one side and down the other, or maybe you hate being groped in public, well, then buy the food that most reminds you of home. Skip the airports and bring on the party!


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