Monday, April 16, 2012

The Whitney Biennial

The Whitney Biennial

What's got people standing in long lines? Art!!! This month is the Whitney Museum of Art's Biennial of new and innovative art. The building is chockablock with artists, hipsters, gallery owners and their collectors carefully perusing the newest rising art stars. Among artwork that we saw: a Viking funeral boat atop a wood pyre, an artist's bedroom/ studio/ storage space, movies of people dancing, a paranoid schizophrenic's self-mutilation, a pipe organ playing bouncy music that had everyone dancing a little (including the guards), an installed room with clothes sewn and painted to reveal the body parts that they were meant to cover, et cetera. Was it truly all art? Not for me. But there were certainly some things only a museum could collect due to their size or ephemera. So maybe it is more about getting attention than anything else. 

An artist.
I think. 


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