Sunday, February 6, 2011

Atop Stone Mountain, GA: It is a long way down!

Not For The Faint of Heart
Dear Imaginary Friends,

What is more exhilarating than the top of Stone Mountain, overlooking Atlanta?  It's windy! Barren! A beautiful view! Do you have a fear of heights? Then maybe you don't want to take the tram up the mountain. It is a long way down, a slippery slope indeed. We visited last March and were charmed by Atlanta. Also worth visiting: The Coke Museum, where you can taste the strange flavors popular in other countries; CNN; and the High Art Museum. Speaking of Coke, there is a version in Italy called The Beverly. It tastes so bad, that you just have to try it! A cross between cough syrup and Dial Soap....

Debbi, Patsie and Virginia at the Coke Museum
Atlanta is very spread out, and contains many charming individual communities like Roswell and Decatur. Somewhere in Atlanta are "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", although we luckily did not run into them. Lordy, where are all those ladies going postal on each other? All the ladies that I have met in Atlanta are super classy. They never pull each other's hair.

Your itinerant friend,

PS My favorite gift shop in the area is the Painted Monkey in Roswell, GA.

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