Friday, February 18, 2011

How Do You Know That You Are Going to Be an Artist When You Grow Up?

1. When your favorite childhood memory was admiring your box of 64 crayons, and the names of all the beautiful colors. How perfect they were when they were new!
2. When you walked into a fabric store, and you found the colors of the thread spools mesmerizing.
3. When art is all that you want to do.

Bathroom Mural of Hawaii, Acrylic
When I was little, I used to watch the Romper Room show. There was a lady on the show named Miss Ginny. She was so pretty, and so nice to the kids on the show. I was inspired to mail to her some looseleaf cutouts that were basically a bunch of squiggles. She wrote back to me, "very good", and I was hooked on art then and there.

Thanks, Miss Ginny, for my first positive feedback! If she had written, "you are a loser," something tells me that I would have hesitated to pursue my passion. Then again, the rebel in me might have said, "I'll show that Miss Ginny!"

My intention is prove myself worthy of Miss Ginny's opinions.

Your painter friend,

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