Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Come On, Spring! I Paid Good Money To Live In This Universe

Daffodil Study, Oil
Dear Imaginary Friends,
What would you like as your Valentine's Day Gift? I will hereby attempt to purchase it for you. You did say the best things are free, right??
And since fair is fair, I will share what what I really want: Spring time!
Cruddy weather, go away. Go to Siberia, and lurk there for eternity. Just get the heck outta my zone. I will gladly pay good money to not live in the tundra any more. Dirty snow, making curbs impossible to cross, slippery driving. Yech.
I love the flowers, the air, the smiles on faces, the neighbors popping out of their homes like Prairie dogs. I love the tender green leaves, on trees so hopeful.
Bring it!
Your Imaginary Friend,

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