Sunday, April 3, 2011

elan magazine is my fave read

                                                                             Dear Imaginary Friends,
"Benito Pussalini, Kitten Dictator," Oil, 36 x 22"
Wow, I made my magazine debut for art yesterday when the April 2011 edition of elan magazine was published. Guess who is celebrating her good luck?!"Benito Pussalini" made the cut as did "Have a Slice", "Earnest the Seal", "Mrs. William Wegman", "Miami Deco","The Cherry Pie", "The High Heel", "The Pink Purse". The article is entitled Joie de Vivre, and is on pages 40 through 43.
I plan to scan it in, and display it on my blog, as soon as possible.

Your Almost Famous Artist Friend,

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  1. PS The current magazine is not on elan's website, which is out of date, unfortunately. Watch this space for more of the article info.