Monday, April 11, 2011

What Remains to be Seen

Pictured above is the new painting I am showing right now at this very minute at the Art League Gallery. It is called "Lewes, Delaware."

It is for sale for a paltry price, and will be on display through May 7. The title of this particular show is Remains.  Remains, as a theme, refers to the end of something or what is left. In this case, what remains is the remains of the day: when the sun dips down to oblivion and casts magic colors across the landscape. I love dramatic lighting, whether it is cast across a body of water or a building.

My cute little oil is 12 x 12". It is available for adoption to a nice home. Yes, it is housebroken and never bites.

Since my article came out in elan, I have been selling my paintings at a fast clip. I sold a large one, a waterscape, too,  today to my lovely friend from Hillsboro, North Carolina. She used to live a bout six blocks from the site of the painting, and so it has special meaning for her, and good memories of living near the GW Parkway. That painting went to a happy home, and I just love it when that happens.

Your very busy artist friend,

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