Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Gentleperson's Sport of Croquet

Deni and Virginia Show How to Fashionably Hold Your Mallet
                                                                                                    DEra Imaginary Reader,  

I believe that there would be fewer world wars if everyone would take up the slow paced game of croquet.
Not only can everyone play, but one can wear elegant clothing while doing so, and act highly civilized. (See above) As civilized as scones and tea. As civilized as your grandmother's silver flatware service.
Let's put away the violent video games like "Kill My Granny" and "Deathtrap on Cannibal Island". I encourage you to go outside on your front lawn this minute, and wear your Sunday finest while taking a leisurely game in. What was that you said? It is midnight? Well, then, that will winnow out the competition, and noone will witness your bad shots.
Think happy thoughts, and get some fresh air.
Channel your road rage into whacking that wooden ball so hard it flies through the hoop. ALL while looking your very best!
Your Imaginary Friend,

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