Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, Dawlin! It's one - one - one one!

Dear Imaginary Friends, New Millennium, scary 1-1-11 Number Date,

One of my New Years' resolutions is to lose weight. The other one is to eat a lot of food in New Orleans, several times this year. At odds, you might say, but yet therein lies the challenge.

Now showing at Barkely Square on Mt. Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA
If you are bored, go to New Orleans and eat some fine food. See some fine architecture. Listen to the sounds of the city that is more European than any other in the United States. And I'll see you there!

Today is numerologically very significant. But sadly, I do not know what it is significant of, other than people who are on binary systems, or maybe mathematically challenged.. SO let's just make stuff up!

Today being one one one one is a great day to start something new. Here are some ideas: start that career in taxidermy. Go on a nature quest and live in a beaver dam for three months. With the beavers. Challenge yourself to taste test every flavor of ice cream ever made. Listen to Justin Bieber until you go insane, and run off and  join an ashram. Visit the Sudan just for funsies. I hope this helps. You can never be too creative, so go for it!

Your Imaginary Friend,

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