Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Booyah! I Am Getting Vertigo

Dear Imaginary Friends,
The Warden holding the Guilty Party

Now that my computer is fixed, I can once again concentrate on what really matters in life: Changing diapers.
Picture this, if you will: A nine-month old baby boy, spinning like the spin cycle of one's washing machine, in overdrive. If your washing machine smokes crack, then that would truly give you a better idea of the difficulty.

Picture a naked butt twisting against you as you lamely try to hold down the torso, while keeping the offending material from your direct contact, and then trying to attach a diaper, which truly takes two hands.
It is a whirling dervish of body products. And it is not pretty!
Not for the weak, the squeamish, or the easily dizzied.

Vertiginously yours,

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