Saturday, June 25, 2011

Phoenix Revisited, Days Three and Four

Coffeepot Rock, Oil, 5 x 7", 2009, by Patricia Uchello, for sale
 Days Three and Four, Last day in Sedona, then trip to Phoenix

Hey, Clint, got a cup of sugar?

We made a quick trip to the Chapel of Our Lady in the hills, which has the most gorgeous cliff-side setting, but noticed a garish mansion across the street. It was not the rectory. It is a 12 million dollar house with 24 carat gold plated iron gates, a waterfall,  the works. It even has its own observatory! That was a new feature I had never seen before...perfect for stargazers.  The neighbors got so mad at the builder, a dot com profiteer, that he decided not to move in, and it is on the market, never lived-in, ripe for the taking. I bet if Clint Eastwood bought it, they would get over their anger!

The Drowned cat award for perseverance and tenacity
Then we headed back into downtown Sedona to the lovely Tlaquepaque -a Mexican village of shops-to have lunch at Rene's French Restaurant. Yum! Checked out the local glass gallery, dodging heavy rain between the shops. It was time to head out for the short trek south to the grand view of Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek. Well, we had been told by dear friends that just 100 yards from the street, one could walk to see the view so often featured on AAA road maps for the US, Cathedral Rock looming large and grand over the creek, which held its reflection. Uh, we had one half-broken umbrella, dress shoes, no raincoats. It was raining very heavily, with snow and a low hanging cloudcover atop all the mountains. But how often do you have this kind of opportunity? Besides, our friend said it was a 100 yd. hike.
We found a very slippery, red muddy trail, so naturally we followed it, blind trust all the way, even though we were going down steep ravines, and going way farther than we thought we would be.

Well, we looked like wet cats with muddy red paws, soaked thru to the skin, when we ran into a vortex guide. He was official. I know that cuz he was carrying a stick. The ladies with him told me, "Nice shoes." I described the view we were talking about. He said, oh, you need to take this path, not that path. Turn around and go a zillion miles back.
We ended up hiking several miles, 1 /1/2 hours in heavy rain, freezing in 34 degrees, but we finally found it, walking across streams to get there. The shoes? Not in the best condition. Were they new? Of course! Have you ever been so drenched that even your underwear was wet? We were that wet and that cold. But we saw the durn mountain in front of the stream. Never say die.

Sunshine State
The night before, we had missed out on staying at the South rim of the grand canyon, because of a winter storm that dumped 29 inches of snow over 2 days, which were of course the two days we were scheduled to be there. C'est la vie. We will have to return. And it will not be in February. There were 200 car accidents in Flagstone in the last 2 days: slide-off-the-roads, and collisions. Luckily, we did not go there. Drowned cat award, or not.

The trek in the car back to Phoenix was very rainy, and sleety. Isn't Arizona supposed to be the sunshine state?
Today, Tuesday, Phoenix is redeeming itself with bright sunshine. My coat is even drying out!

We are staying in a Sheraton that Frommer gave The Ugliest Bedspread Award to for six consecutive years. Or if they didn't, they should have.
Your Imaginary Friend,

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