Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leaving Phoenix: Some Reasons to Go Home

Desert Museum in Tuscon, AZ
Today we are heading home from Phoenix. Yesterday, we saw Wolf Blitzer at the Arizona Biltmore having lunch, as were we. He is a short little dude, made more noticeable by all the NBA guys in town, towering over us. The All Stars game is tonight.
I also saw Kobe Bryant in town at the pizzeria place. He came too late. No pizza for you!

I have never felt this short in my life~~~

Yesterday, we went to the desert museum in Tucson, saw the mountain lions (Nice kitty!), scorpions, tarantulas, etc., all convincing arguments to stay the heck out of the desert.
We saw more saguaro cacti than we could ever imagine.  

And we never did catch a glimpse of Wiley Coyote or the roadrunner.

See you,
patsie >^..^<

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