Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi, Imaginary Friends of the Blogosphere,

If you have not visited my website in a while, you might find some new paintings on exhibit. Check them out; I hope you like them!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chez Francois, L'Auberge, Great Falls, VA

Il Ficchi, 5 x 7", Oil, c. 2010 by Patricia Uchello
Dear Cute Imaginary Friends,

Hi, I had a wonderful meal this week at Chez Francois this past week. Located in the very verdant Great Falls, VA, it sits inside a charming Alsatian mini chateau featuring Provincial French and continental cuisines. The food was ooh la la, and the woodsy setting as charming as ever. There is a delightful outdoor patio, when the weather cooperates.  

Great Falls is one of the prettiest suburbs and also the most chock-a-block with estates in metro DC. The drive alone is gorgeous as it wends it way up and down hills, with views of woods and streams flanking the road.

The only not-so-charming element is the fixed price cost. Lunch is $36 and dinner is $65. That said, this is a four course meal and I guarantee that you will not leave hungry!

For the sake of my ever-expanding waistline, I ordered a la carte and did very well with a delicious gazpacho that tasted more tomato-like than an actual tomato, and a plate of smoked salmon with creme fraiche.

Perhaps the highlight of the meal is the yummy cottage cheese (I KNOW!!) spread for which C.F. is justly storied. It contains chives, a touch of garlic, and salt and pepper. One spreads it on fresh warm garlicky French bread.

Also of note are the mini croissants with C.F.'s delish sweet butter. OK, I am now making myself hungry, and need to go make a homemade pizza, so that I will not drool all over my keyboard and short out my computer.

Au revoir for now,


Tall, dark and handsome. Le sigh.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Becoming a Grandparent in One Quick Minute

Dear Diary, aka, Imaginary Friend,

Wow, two people in the Middle East are reading my blog! WHO knew! Good stuff. Well, they also now know that I became a grandmother this week, and I have to say, this is the best deal I ever got!
I love babies. They are quite the creative work of art, even in the strictest sense. And they look good, they smell good (well, between diaper events), and they feel good.

Babies are tiny miniature little people. However, that does not stop me from claiming that my grandson is ten feet tall and glows in the dark. Regardless of whether the average person finds him tall, dark and handsome... I know that I always will.

My new grandson just happens to have been born with sideburns. I can now picture Elvis as a newborn! Mother Nature has a sense of humor! The baby is a manly little man. And I have already picked out his future girlfriend, who happens to have been born last night: Sadie Prow. I hope he realizes that our family believes in arranged marriages, not by force, but by gentle persuasion.

My mother fixed me up with my husband of 31 years, and she also fixed up my sister with her husband of 40 years. See, it works!

Go plant some seeds of love, and one day, you will be a grandparent. Don't wait too long; it is the best thing ever.

Yours very truly,