Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kennebunkport, Walker's Point, and George H. W. Bush

Walker's Point, below
The Bush Compound, Above
On Ocean Avenue
In Kennebunkport

Dear Imaginary Friends and presidential peepers,

Being in the general area, we drove from Portland, Maine, south toward Kennebunkport. I was looking for a little glitz and glamor, knowing the Bush compound was there on Walker's Point. 

The town is friendly and very casual. The main evidence of wealth is the size of the beautiful homes on Ocean Avenue. The Yacht Club is also somewhat swanky. The Bush home is large but extremely unpretentious. There is a guard house and the guard is looking at you, as if to say, keep moving! Scram!

Red's in Wiscasset

Dear Imaginary Friends,
A famous and popular lobster roll destination in Southeast Maine is a simple shack called Red's, where tourists stand in long lines to partake of the largest lobster rolls anywhere. The location is the northernmost point of Wicasset. 
Another popular spot for lobster rolls comes with scenery: the Lobster Shack at Cape Elizabeth, next to the Portland Headlight (Lighthouse.)
But actually, I liked the lobster rolls at Andy's Pub in Portland and Allison's Restaurant in Kennebunkport. You decide!:)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wall of Flowers

In the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden. 

For a Full Carb Experience!

If I wanted to get fat, here is one place to start! Right behind our hotel is the Standard Baking Company. Are you feeling in the mood for an almond croissant? Check!

Kitty Cat Picket Fence

Nuff said!! Meow. 

Boothbay Harbor Tour

This is a glimpse of Boothbay Harbor on a beautiful, sunny and crisp August afternoon. 

When in Maine, a harbor boat tour is a must. 

Penaquid Point, Maine

On a spit of land projecting into the rough Atlantic, glaciers clawed marks on the rocky shoreline. Their rugged beauty is offset by a lighthouse that is featured on the Maine quarter. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Morgan: Art as Automobile

Automobile as art: I submit for your consideration the English Morgan. 
The Morgan comes as a three wheeler, rocket-shaped two passenger wonder. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Edinbourgh Royal Tattoo

It is a parade; it is a sound and light show; it is a dance and music performance; and it is a celebration of all things Scottish. Located at the old castle of Edinbourgh, the Royal Tattoo happens for a few weeks each year. Bagpipes, forever!

Your trusty reporter,

Blenheim Palace

Absolutely stunning in its grandeur, Blenheim Palace is bedecked with 24 k gilding everywhere you turn. Winston Churchill was born here, and buried in the chapel there. 
It has been continuously occupied by the Duke of Marlborough since John Churchill was made Duke for winning the Battle of Blenheim against the French. 
Queen Ann was very grateful, as the defeat out England on top. 
During World War II, MI-5, the British intelligence, worked there. 
The reason that Blenheim and Buckingham Palace were never bombed is because Hitler was saving Buckingham for himself and saving Blenheim Palace for Goering!
Your reporter,

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Cotswolds in England

Nestled near Stratford-Upon-Avon are many villages complete with thatched-roof houses and lush gardens. The walls are honey-colored limestone to absolutely charming effect, and I would gladly return.
They say that a village without a pub is not really a village. Having a pub in your village elevates the home prices by 15,000 English pounds! Cheers to that. 
People who have permanent homes here include Kate Winslet, the man who owns Victoria's Secret, and Stella Mc Cartney. 

Shakespeare' Birthplace

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England. His birth home has been preserved throughout the ages. William grew up in a large family. His father made gloves for a living. 
The house was clearly middle class and comfortable. At age five, he was lucky to be sent to an excellent school where he had a teacher who introduced him to actors and the arts at a tender age.