Monday, December 28, 2015

West Side Story

Dear Inaginary Friends,

Which of the above three people are convincing gang members? If you guessed none of the above, I am inclined to agree with you!
In Signature Theater's new production of West Side Story, the casting requires a real suspension of disbelief by theater goers. 
Not only do the gang members seem less than threatening (much less murderous, ) they are dressed like preppies! Take the example of Tony, a main gang character. He has a sweet baby face and wears khakis, yet we are expected to see him as dangerous. I can picture him in an Eagle Scout ceremony. 

Other than that, the ambitious production with a full orchestra and  30 actors soars with fabulous music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Steven Sondheim and choreography by Jerome Robbins. Credentials like that cannot be surpassed in the theater world. 
My favorite songs are Tonight, Maria, I Feel Pretty, America, and Somewhere. 

The most sizzle is found in the performance of Anita, although she appears to be ten years older than the part calls for. 
All in all, younger, tougher-looking actors would help the play achieve the verisimilitude it lacks. 
So says me. Clothing and costumes are also incongruous. 

Signature's "Cabaret" was a better production with far more convincing performances. 

Your Imaginary Theater Goer,

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Modeling at Westwood Country Club

Gorgeous cocktail dress by Halston Heritage. Love it!!!
Exploring my inner rock star:)
Waiting to walk the runway

The fascinator goes with everything! As does the fur by Maximillian:)

Lovely Greek model, on left
The Ballroom at Westwood Country Club

Bloomingdales has fabulous clothes-- they are positively drool-worthy. To wit, the clothes that I recently modeled for Bloomie's:
Hugo Boss dress and sweater

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Scottish Walk Homes Tour, 2015

St. Albans and National Cathedral School Annual Homes Tour and boutiquesale

Dear friends,
What a treat it was to tour the beautiful homes last Friday open to ticket holders in support of St. Albans and National Cathedral School. It was a lovely sunny day!
Boutiques had bountiful offerings: jewelry, accessories, clothing, plants, wreaths, ornaments, et al. All were chic. 
The elegant lunch was served by St. Albans sophmores whose manners could not have been lovelier. 
Please put this event on your calendar for next December! It is a memorable delight.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Website Whoopdedoo

Dear Friends,

Today I updated my website with new images and current information. Please take a visit!
Kick the tires, etc., at


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hillwood Estate

Hillwood Estate, the former home of heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, is open to the public in a posh setting in Washington, DC. 
Hillwood is set in a lush surrounding of acres of gardens and also features two clever outbuildings. One is an Adirondeck cabin and the other is a Russian dacha. 

Mrs. Post inherited the Post cereal fortune. She then went on to buy Birdseye frozen foods. Her life was complex and glamorous, featuring four husbands and three or more daughters, including the beautiful actress Dina Merrill. 

Seen in my picture is Mrs. Post's dining room table which she used originally in Mar-a-Lago, her huge estate in Palm Beach. 
The collection contains both Faberge' eggs and a stunning array of Russian Imperial paintings and bejeweled decorative arts, such as the crown of Czarina Alexandra. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Modeling Beautiful Clothes

All clothing was hand selected by the personal shoppers Effie and Courtney at Tyson's Corners Bloomingdales, in McLean, Virginia. 
I do not look like a model, walk like a model, etc. I am not thin, not young and not tall. 
But when I walk around modeling fabulous designer clothes, I sure do feel like a model! I had a wonderful experience again this year modeling Bloomingdale's clothing by Ted Baker, Elie Tahari, etc.  Thanks to the Yacht Haven Garden Club's annual fashion show to raise funds for city-wide gardening projects, I was allowed to pretend that I could be a real model. How much fun is that?

St. Petersburg, Russia

We have such fond memories of the Imperial Russia that we encountered this summer in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally a cold, windy swamp on the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg was born when Peter the Great founded his government capital and created a city that is still stunning today. 
The 24k gold leaf domes seen here are the chapel at Catherine the Great's place, the Catherine Palace. The Palace is a lovely robin's egg blue. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pen-and-Inks from the 2015 TWIG house Tour

Here are three more wonderful homes from this year's TWIG house tour, a fundraiser for the INOVA Alexandria Hospital. TWIG is the junior auxiliary of the hospital. Their main fundraising arm is their upscale thrift shop located on North Columbus Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

At River Farm, Headquarters of the American Horticultural Society, through Sept. 28, 2015

The Fig Arbor, for sale at The American Horticultural Society

Capri, Italy, for sale at AHS

Rose's Luxury

The Unassuming Exterior at 717 8th St., S. E.
As the first guests are seated, the long line continues.


The Bourbon drink is bedecked with a  real leaf

My fave: Chilled Vadouvan curry with macadamia nuts and caramelized banana

Rock Shrimp ceviche with crispy plantains

Rarely have I stood for an hour in line for the privilege of a table at five pm. OK, make that never. But after hearing about Rose's Luxury for a year, I had to go see for myself if it were worth the trouble. And yes, it was!!
Carlo and I set out from home at 3:30 in the afternoon to drive to Capital Hill, Washington, D.C.  We arrived at 4, and joined a line of about 90 people. We wondered when the first in line had arrived...
At five o'clock, the hostess/maĆ®tre d' started greeting each person in line and asking if they would like an early seating or a second seating. We opted for early.  By five pm, the line behind us was about 120 people long. 
The fabulous dessert: A combo of coconut ice cream, kiwi, caramel, burnt coconut and lime with strewn bachelor buttons, a pleasure for the tongue 

     This is a menu of small plates, served on charming mismatched china and old glassware from the sixties and beyond, carefully collected before opening by the chef/owner.
Creativity is big here: a corn creme brulee' works well.
Service is beyond friendly; it is warm and hospitable, and downright smiley! Open for dinner only, and closed on holidays and Sundays. See you in line!

Your food lover,

Friday, August 21, 2015

Rooster Up For Adoption: Big Blue

This blue rooster wants to be adopted by a friendly farm or home. Big back yard preferred. On display and up for adoption at River Farm in Alexandria, VA, through July 28, 2015.

River Farm: George Washington Was There First

The very large grand ballroom at River Farm.
As hung in the River Farm grand ballroom, the facade of the beautiful building. $1,500.

Dear Friends,

There is a beautiful property lying along the banks of the fabled Potomac River. It is River Farm, former property of our beloved first president George Washington. I have painted the gracious main building about four times over the last few years. I have also painted the gardens and side porch. 

The one-woman show of 103 original oils remains in place until September 28, 2015, which means it will be on view through the annual American Horticultural Society's Gala.

Hope to see you there!

This is a petite, affordable oil painting of the front facade.  $600.
The side porch is a view from down the hill, toward the Potomac.

This statue of a faun stands at the end of a gorgeous arched trellis in the garden grounds.