Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Positano from Above

Talk about heaven on earth! Positano is a dreamy destination in September and October. We went there this Fall, soaked it up, and then I came home and painted Positano this month. 

Positano is one of several towns perched on the steep hills and cliffs of the scenic Amalfi Coast, located in Southern Italy. I consider myself lucky, as I have been there twice. The views, food and mood are all extraordinary. Positano is also a great spot for shopping.
To get there, drive South from Sorrento, Italy. In Southern Italy, making life pleasurable is a philosophy shared by locals and visitors alike, with a stress-free pace and an appreciation for beauty, good food and good wine.  

Your favorite artist,
Patricia Uchello
Positano From Above, 16 x 12", oil

Monday, January 13, 2014

Le Diplomate Divine

If you find yourself on the hunt for a new gourmet experience, look no further than the Parisian-inspired Le Diplomate, near Washington, DC's Logan Circle. Situated at the corner of delicious and divine, I meant, 14th Street and Q St., NW, it is an accurate French bistro with authentic decor and fine cooking.
Le Diplomate has the most delish version of  beef bourguignon and whipped potatoes that I have  ever had the pleasure of tasting. The dark chocolate napoleon beckoned, but I resisted. 
The bar at Le Diplomate has a stunning Sazerac as well as many, many other cocktail selections. It may be the best-stocked bar I have ever run across. 
How many more reasons do you need to go?

Your fellow foodie,

The beef bourguignon, heavily laced with burgundy richness

Tiny tiles decorate both inside and out

There is a charming sidewalk area, too.