Monday, September 16, 2013

Timothy McTabby- Prizewinner

Timothy McTabby oil
Dear Imaginary Friends,

Guess who is winning a prize for this painting tonight? Yes, moi!
Timothy McTabby, an extremely genteel tabby, is wearing his Sunday best to impress.
He has won me an honorable mention in the current show at the Durant Center on Cameron Street in Old Town, Alexandria, VA.
The show is entitled Young At Art, and remains on view from now until January 22, 2014. The opening and award ceremony is Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013.

Timothy's faves:
Literature: The Great Gatsby
Beverage of choice: Milk or Maker's Mark on the rocks
Dinner: Trout Meuniere
Pastime: A quiet afternoon, bird watching
Occupation: State Department, consulate in Cat-zahstan

Happy to be of service to Timothy,


Dear Imaginary Friends,

I have officially crossed the significant threshold of 25,000 viewings on my blog.
No, that does not win me money, a prize, or anything tangible. But nonetheless, I feel a certain satisfaction.
Thank God I am not totally wasting my time, leaning over the computer keyboard, typing away for nobody and nothing. 

I feel that I have spent countless hours, cooking a difficult but delicious meal, and many have enjoyed a taste.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hanging Out in Slovenia

Dear Imaginary Friends, 

Yesterday was the amazing Kalorama Embassy Tour in Washington, DC. I was privileged to be a docent on Slovenian "soil."  I learned so much about Slovenia!! It is the shape of a chicken and it is roughly the size of New Jersey. Slovenia is 97% Catholic. Part of the former nation Yugoslavia, it boasts Alpine areas and the famous Lake Bled, as well as Mediterranean coastline. There is lots of polka dancing going on. 
I was supremely honored to meet the Slovenian ambassador, who is the nicest man ever, as well as the friendly Portuguese ambassador. Meeting them both was the highlight of my week.
Did you know that crystal has been manufactured in Slovenia since 1665, and that Slovenian crystal is used in Miss America's crown?

Slovenia is a beautiful country, with a lot to offer. I understand it has become a mecca for Hollywood shoots. If you have a moment, Google the image of the scenic Lake Bled: truly gorgeous, with a tiny church on an island in its midst.
Your virtual traveler,

The modern Slovenian embassy on California Street in Kalorama.

The gold band on her hat indicates that she is married.

Check out the beautiful crystal in the right hand case.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Great Read

Dear Imaginary Friends,

If you like a great rollercoaster read, I recommend "Defending Jacob," by William Landay. It kept me in suspense the whole 400 pages, with a strong surprise ending. Do yourself a favor and read it!
It is murder mystery in the vein of "Presumed Innocent", by Scott Turow. 

Your Imaginary Librarian,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The New Struggle with the Painting Process

Dear Imaginary Friends,

Now that my home painting commission is done, I am back at work on another unfinished project, a painting that has gone through many torturous changes. The next thing that I plan to change is the perspective on this table. It just looks all wrong to me.

On the plus side, I like the composition, and the color harmonies, although perhaps my pink is too bright.
I will keep you posted! To see a previous permutation, check my blog of August 25: In Flux: Betwixt and Between.
Change is good! (Mostly)

Your busy painter,

Home Painting Commission: Finito, Completo!

Reference Photo with Finished Painting
I am not a trained architectural draftsman; I am a painter. Look for the changes I made. Taking a few liberties is for the best!

Your painter,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Three Year Old Bliss

What greater bliss out than cupcakes, theme parties with Thomas the Train, carousels and choo choos?
Nothing is better than bringing out your inner three year old. And what better way than by celebrating a birthday with a three year old? Bliss out!
The toys! The sugar! The fun!
Your imaginary three year old,

In My Studio

In progress, for your insight into the artist's process, a portrait of a home. The subject: a commission of a Del Ray, Alexandria, VA, Cape Cod bungalow. 
The materials: oil on canvas. The size: 8 x 10".
The buyers are selling their charming home and wish to remember it from afar. 
Stay tuned for the finished painting. 

Your imaginary friend,

House commission on the easel in my studio

Monday, September 2, 2013

Christina's World

On the rugged Maine coast, outside the coastal town of Rockland, is a farm belonging to the Olson family. Andrew Wyeth, renowned American artist, loved the rugged desolation of the farm and became close friends with owner Christina Olson, a paraplegic. Wyeth's most famous painting is of the wistful figure of Christina seated in the high grasses of the farm fields, gazing off to sea. 

While visiting Maine this past week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Olson Farm, both inside the farmhouse, outside in the fields and out in the cemetery where both Andrew Wyeth and Christina, his friend for life, were buried. 

The Reading Room of the Camden Public Library in Maine

The Bar Harbor Inn and Spa -- A 360 View of Frenchman's Bay

Dining al fresco on the terrace at Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

One of many pocket gardens at Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

The View from Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

Seafood Salad at Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

Porcupine Island, as seen from the breakfast area of Bar Harbor Inn and Spa

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Thuya Gardens, Northeast Harbor, Maine

Dear Imaginary Friends,
You would not believe how short the growing season is in Maine, thanks to the extreme cold weather.  Two months of greenery explode from the earth at once, resulting in astounding flowers, all blooming simultaneously. When Maine blooms, it really blooms! Especially impressive are the hydrangeas. 

Spotted At The Asticou Inn, Northeast harbor, Maine