Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pen-and-Inks from the 2015 TWIG house Tour

Here are three more wonderful homes from this year's TWIG house tour, a fundraiser for the INOVA Alexandria Hospital. TWIG is the junior auxiliary of the hospital. Their main fundraising arm is their upscale thrift shop located on North Columbus Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

At River Farm, Headquarters of the American Horticultural Society, through Sept. 28, 2015

The Fig Arbor, for sale at The American Horticultural Society

Capri, Italy, for sale at AHS

Rose's Luxury

The Unassuming Exterior at 717 8th St., S. E.
As the first guests are seated, the long line continues.


The Bourbon drink is bedecked with a  real leaf

My fave: Chilled Vadouvan curry with macadamia nuts and caramelized banana

Rock Shrimp ceviche with crispy plantains

Rarely have I stood for an hour in line for the privilege of a table at five pm. OK, make that never. But after hearing about Rose's Luxury for a year, I had to go see for myself if it were worth the trouble. And yes, it was!!
Carlo and I set out from home at 3:30 in the afternoon to drive to Capital Hill, Washington, D.C.  We arrived at 4, and joined a line of about 90 people. We wondered when the first in line had arrived...
At five o'clock, the hostess/maĆ®tre d' started greeting each person in line and asking if they would like an early seating or a second seating. We opted for early.  By five pm, the line behind us was about 120 people long. 
The fabulous dessert: A combo of coconut ice cream, kiwi, caramel, burnt coconut and lime with strewn bachelor buttons, a pleasure for the tongue 

     This is a menu of small plates, served on charming mismatched china and old glassware from the sixties and beyond, carefully collected before opening by the chef/owner.
Creativity is big here: a corn creme brulee' works well.
Service is beyond friendly; it is warm and hospitable, and downright smiley! Open for dinner only, and closed on holidays and Sundays. See you in line!

Your food lover,