Friday, December 29, 2017

Cuba, December 2017

Elegant dining aboard Viking Sun, en route to Cuba

Infinity Pool aboard Viking Sun

                                                                       rural Cuba

                                                          Poster in Cuban Museum

Cuban doggie

Bay of Pigs Museum, Cuba

Bay of Pigs Today

Viking Sun Docked at Cienfuegos Bay

 Cuba is a nation trying to transition. Literacy is high but so is the poverty level. Jobs are scarce, and pay very poorly. Even doctors make only $25 per month. 

                                                                    In Havana
Hemingway During His Cuban Years
The old architecture of Havana and Cienfuegos is gorgeous. Yet, there is no freedom of the press, freedom of information, freedom of travel. Castro's regime stole money from their people and it is virtually bankrupt.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Shaya Restaurant

Shaya in New Orleans, LA, is a lovely spot on Magazine Street and serves delicious hummus and entrees. Uncharateristically of the Southern food scene, the food is Israeli. And, it is a total wow!


Krispy Kreme is an inspiration!
I am a sugar fanatic.
For sale, 8" x 10", acrylic on canvas

"Chocolate with Sprinkles"

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,
I hope that 2017 has been as good to you as it has to me. I sold about 14 oil paintings at my show at the beautiful River Farm, which will close January 2, 2018.
More details to follow!
Patricia Uchello
Tulip, Eggplant and Garlic

Sunday, August 6, 2017

My One Woman Show at River Farm

 Dear Art Lovers,

You are invited to see my show of oil paintings, free and open to the public, at the lush River Farm, at 7931 East Boulevard Drive.  The location in Alexandria, Virginia, sits on the shore of the Potomac River, with splendid inspiration for painters everywhere you turn.
I am displaying solo, about 86 or more paintings at time, of my paintings of horticultural subject matter-- scenes of flowers, fruit, landscapes, seascapes, etc.  The show is entitled Floralia,  in honor of the ancient Roman festival of flowers.
Hours of the show are
Monday through Friday, 9-5, and Saturdays, 9-1.  Closed on Sundays and major holidays.  For more information, please call me at 703-768-6983.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Do You Know What It Means, To Miss New Or-leans?

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to help if you would like information on visiting my beautiful hometown of New Orleans!!
I like to stay in the French Quarter on a quiet street that is walkable to many attractions, such as the Madison Dupuy. (Du-pwee)
You can then walk to the St Charles Streetcar, the French Market, St. Louis Basilica, the Pontalba Apts., the Jazz Museum, the Aquarium, the Presbytere, the St. Louis Number One Graveyards,
You can easily pick up a tour to see plantations such as Oak Alley or Nottaway, swamp tours with gators, etc.
Also there are great eats in the French Quarter that are walkable: Galatoire's, Bayona, casual- the Gumbo Shop, the Famous Fairmont Hotel's restaurant Domenica, and so much more.
Cafe du Monde is also not to be missed for cafe au lait and beignets.
Take a ride down the St. Charles Ave. on the streetcar, and ogle beautiful mansions, dives, and two universities. Visit Audubon Park or City Park for the live oaks bedecked with Spanish Moss.
Listen to live jazz as you walk down touristy Bourbon St. 
Shop for antiques on Royal St.
Magazine St. is a hotspot for all things fun, including the Israeli restaurant Shaya. Many antique shops and regular shops, art galleries, etc. await you!



Sunday, February 5, 2017

Washington, DC and the Watergate Hotel

The Watergate Hotel, new and modern! Made infamous by Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, today's Watergate Hotel is sleek and the epitome of modern design.
The View from a 14th Floor Suite