Friday, November 26, 2010

Who Dat?

Dat Parker!
He makes one very cute cow, don't you think?
Your imaginary Friend,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today We Give Thanks -- make gratitude your attitude

Dear Imaginary Friends,
Cherry Pie, 8 x 10", Oil
What an excellent time of year! Thanksgiving is upon us. (Which also means that Christmas cannot be far behind.) I relish the putting on of a big family dinner for the holidays, complete with about ten dishes, mostly traditional. 
Patsie, Thanksgiving, 2009
We find comfort in gathering around us our most beloved family members and our dearest friends. For some reason, we delight in eating the same dishes year after year. So what is the difference between monotony and comforting regularity? Thanksgiving is the one time of the year when ingenuity and change are least desirable. Sameness is the order of the day, but what a delicious sameness. Don't be creative; just serve the darn turkey!
Because I am not a turkey expert, I buy mine precooked every year from Popeye's, for a little New Orleans spice factor. There is no place like home, but if you cannot be there, maybe because you hate being xrayed up one side and down the other, or maybe you hate being groped in public, well, then buy the food that most reminds you of home. Skip the airports and bring on the party!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ew, Nasty!

Dear Imaginary Friends,
Have you ever wondered what your wait staff person was putting into your food, behind closed doors? If you have ever read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, you are wondering right now what your last less-than-friendly waiter/waitress put into your food, when you mysteriously broke out into hives or severe nausea after eating restaurant food.
One dare not tick off the wait staff.  When your iced tea resembles the opacity of a Bloody Mary, does that mean it contains dish rag water? Or when the waitress grins as she delivers your dish and says it has a little something extra special in it, does that mean she spat into it, or worse? Help me! I don't wanna die! SO I plan to always act serene and happy as a customer, NO MATTER WHAT!
Safety First,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vampires, Zombies and Terrorists, Oh, My!

Dear Intrepid Followers of My Blatherings,
Boo! That is me shown above in the "Jason" hockey mask. Not very artistic, but it fulfilled my mission of scaring small children all over our neighborhood for Halloween.
I have been musing about Vampires, Werewolves, and now Zombies, which are recently coming back into vogue. Have you asked yourself why the sudden fascination with dark creatures of  the afterlife,  predatory and undead? They are all sneaky, hide in the guise of humans, and can do great damage.
Well, how much more of an allegorical reference do you need to think that we are subconsciously substituting them for Terrorists, who blend in amongst us? Somehow, we find it easier to obsess with the supernatural, than the fearsome and unpredictable reality. The Boogie Man walks, and he/they are real.

Art Attack: SO Much to See

Dear Imaginary Friends,

So much to do, so little time!

There is nothing quite so motivating to me to visit museum shows as knowing that today is the last day of the show. Therefore, the intrepid Carlo and I decided to outsmart the Marine Corps marathon that was clogging the streets of the beautiful Washington, DC, and visit the four main shows at the National Gallery of Art.

The impediment was the 26.2 mile Marine Corps Marathon, which snaked through Capiol Hill, closing streets and making access to the museum almost impossible. We literally had to streak across two streets of the runners, who happened to be dousing themselves with cups of water. They were none too pleased to have us slow them down. But hey, art first! Fitness, 23rd.

Today being Halloween, it was timed to be the last day of Edvard Munch's show. His work  The Scream is his most prominent, but he has many that are equally ghoulish: The Lonely Girl, Sin, The Vampire, etc. I preferred his more attractive Madonna.

Working within the Halloween theme also was the Archimboldo show, wherein a contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci created portraits for the Hapsburg Emperor Maximillian of vegetables, fish, flowers, fruit, etc. They are very cleverly done, and would be just the thing to attract an adolescent who normally would eschew art museums.

Also on tap, the gorgeous Chester Dale collection. Chester Dale and his wife Maud had such an eye for quality; what an impressive collection of Impressionism and early modernism.

Opening today was the PreRaphaelite photo and painting exhibit, which has a ghoulish Lady of Shalott. Carlo is coocoo for cocopuffs when it comes to the Pre Raphaelites. He cannot get enough, so it was a must see. Photography had recently been invented when the movement started, and the very wealthy court members liked to amuse themselves with  the new and magical technology. And you thought the royals sat around all day polishing their crowns and kicking serfs. No sirree.

Get yourself to the art museums and  check out what the artists of the world have been up to.

Artfully yours,