Friday, August 21, 2015

Rooster Up For Adoption: Big Blue

This blue rooster wants to be adopted by a friendly farm or home. Big back yard preferred. On display and up for adoption at River Farm in Alexandria, VA, through July 28, 2015.

River Farm: George Washington Was There First

The very large grand ballroom at River Farm.
As hung in the River Farm grand ballroom, the facade of the beautiful building. $1,500.

Dear Friends,

There is a beautiful property lying along the banks of the fabled Potomac River. It is River Farm, former property of our beloved first president George Washington. I have painted the gracious main building about four times over the last few years. I have also painted the gardens and side porch. 

The one-woman show of 103 original oils remains in place until September 28, 2015, which means it will be on view through the annual American Horticultural Society's Gala.

Hope to see you there!

This is a petite, affordable oil painting of the front facade.  $600.
The side porch is a view from down the hill, toward the Potomac.

This statue of a faun stands at the end of a gorgeous arched trellis in the garden grounds.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Fix at Signature: Timely

Dear Theater Lovers,

The Fix is an extremely cynical musical take on American politics in the sixties and seventies. It is loosely reminiscent of the political shenanigans of the Kennedy dynasty. 
Signature has mounted a great set with a portico resembling the White House, which sets the stage for some highly graphic sex scenes. A scandal-plagued political dynasty is sputtering along, when the younger generation is suddenly expected to take on the mantle, when Daddy has a heart attack during sex with his mistress. 
The Mafia, Machiavellian Mama, and impressively athletic dancing by the lead, "Cal Chandler" keep the story going. The singing, acting and dancing are always stellar at Signature.

 Is this a typical storyline for musicals, i.e., boy meets girl? Oh, no! But in this stewpot of boiling political scandals that we call Washington, DC, it certainly is apropos.

Your imaginary friend,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sold Today: Sunflowers and Cantaloupes

Sunflowers and Cantaloupes: Sold today at River Farm, headquarters of American Horticultural Society. My one woman exhibit is on display through September 28, 2015.
Art takes us to a higher place. Come see my exhibit and see if you relate!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lilies and Pears: Analyze This

Here is a classic color scheme: red/pink, green, blue. The composition is a vertical zig zag. The eye starts in the upper left, runs down the fruit stem, sideways from the fruit over to the lilies, then down into the lilies' shadows. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sold today: Little Red Hen at River Farm

"Little Red Hen," copyright 2015, sold today at River Farm for $475, one of 100 paintings at my one woman show at the American Horticultural Society. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hidden Treasures of the Hermitage: St. Petersburg

In addition to the Leonardo di Vincis, Michaelangelo sculpture, Titians, Rembrandts, etc., are the rarely seen Impressionist treasures looted from the Nazis. These paintings will never travel. The rightful owners are not legally entitled to them, according to Russian law. Unfair? Absolutely.