Saturday, March 30, 2013

Del Ray

Name a neighborhood that has both character and characters.
I nominate Del Ray in Alexandria.
In case you are wondering why... I offer two excellent reasons.
Retail, number one:
A Show of Hands on Mt. Vernon Avenue. Great gifts! And, all hand made by local artists. A Show of Hands

Retail, number two:
Del Ray Variety Store on East Custis. It opened just yesterday and is patterned on the famous Hollin Hall Variety Store.

Shop in Del Ray and enjoy the scene. 

Your imaginary friend,

A Show of Hands

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sara Poly

Dear imaginary friends,

If you are interested in learning to paint landscapes, I suggest you study with Sara Poly. She is not only talented as an artist, but also as a teacher.
I have personally learned a great deal from her. 

Always a student,

Tiny Landscape

Here is my newest tiny creation, only 7" x 5".

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twenty Thousand Big Ones

Dear Readers,

Wow, I feel truly honored! I have been read over 20,000 times since I began this blog. It is a privilege to enter your home with bits of my life, digitally presented for your perusal. People all over the world have read my blog. And for some reason, the number 20,000 seems weighty and significant  I remember when I hit 1,000 and thought, wow, Patsie.
Now if only I could sell 20,000 paintings, that would really be something worth talking about!

Your imaginary friend,

Travis the Dog

Dear imaginary friends,

Meet Travis, cutest dog i know. No, I don't own him, but I enjoy visiting him. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and can really fill a room!

This painting is in the collection of Virginia and Danny Lyon.
Finished yesterday and hanging on the wall today!

Your happy artist,

The Real Travis

Travis on the Easel

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ode to a Crab Stack!

Crab stack, crab stack,
How I love thee.
Thou livest at
Chart House.
Mango fresh sublime
Avocado rich and
Jumbo crab,
all things divine.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brilliant! The Philadelphia Flower Show

It's Raining Flowers

Lovely Planter

Statue with Hollyhocks

Banquet Table fit for a king

Big Ben

Mini Doll House Conservatory- the Butler, in the conservatory, with a wrench!

Flowers galore

A Doll House Mini Grand Salon. Downton Abbey?

Very Austin Powers!
This year's Philadelphia Flower Show is a splash of color with a British twist. There are multiple themes inspired by all things English, such as the Beatles, and the Carnaby Street look, all the way to Big Ben, the Tower, and the crown jewels. Take a trip through my photos and see what you may have missed. Show ends this Sunday.
It smelled lovely and the marketplace had an astounding array of goodies for purchase. The vendors sell items that one cannot find anywhere else.

Your Imaginary Garden Enthusiast,

All photos are unretouched, taken by moi, with my iphone.copyright2013.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hospital Food

Dear Imaginary Friends,

Gone are the days when food served at hospitals was enough to make one run out of a room shrieking and barefoot, hospital gown flapping behind, wildly.

I remember back in the day being served rust flavored liver, shepherd's pie, (containing real shepherds), and jello in red eye gravy. Ewwww.

Today, it is more about purple Peruvian lentil tacos and edamame, with smoothies to wash down the new age food. You can custom order at Fairfax Hospital the following: Soft drinks, pizza, ice cream, cookies and chocolate layer cake. Any time of day or night! Are they kidding me? That diet might actually give a girl a reason to live, as opposed to the death by shepherd's shoe leather. It implies that the patients are actually encouraged to eat and drink.

Maybe civilization has truly arrived at the very best time to be alive, in the history of the planet. The unthinkable has occurred.

Your imaginary friend,