Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kid Victory at Signature

Dear Imaginary Friends.
Kid Victory, now playing at Signature Theater, is an odd combination of disparate elements. 
First, it is a musical. But it is a musical about a pedophile who kidnaps, rapes and beats an underage teenage boy. 
Yes, it is a musical. 
It tackles the themes of faith, homosexuality, anonymous sexual dating sites, Vikings, lawns ( yes, I said lawns), and families dealing with teenage angst. 
I personally felt very uncomfortable watching the pedophile kidnapper singing about his "love" for his victim. 

One has a hard time not squirming with mortification. Yet, there are some positives. The actors all deliver stellar performances, especially the main character, who totally nails teenage boy angst. His face is a map of his thoughts. 

Signature Theater in Arlington loves to explore the occasional edgy theme, but perhaps there is a limit of good taste, that would be welcome. 

Please, no more musicals about sexual predators. 

Your imaginary theater critic,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Blue Rooster

Dear Imaginary Friends,
Have you ever wanted to buy a Blue Rooster that never needed to be fed? 
Well, here you are: a bona fide 
 blue rooster, housebroken, available for adoption. 
Copyright 2015, Patricia Uchello

Sunday, February 8, 2015

C'a d'Azan

Nestled on the waterfront of Sarasota, Florida, is the magnificent home of John Ringling: the C'a d'Azan. Mr. Ringling and his wife Mabel adored Italy and Venice in particular. The architecture and furnishings both reflect their taste. 
Mr. Ringling was the thirteenth richest man in the world. He and Mabel had an extensive art collection, which they left to the state of Florida.