Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It Snuck Up On Me! My Opening is Friday, Sept. 28, from 5-7pm.

"River Farms," Oil, 2012 

Dear Imaginary Friends,

After planning and preparing for two long years, toiling away, starving in my garret, my collection of 50, yes, fifty, horticultural paintings is finally ready to explode upon the scene. Well, I hope they do not actually explode. The above painting is one such creation. I worked on it for many months, starting in March through early August this year.

This is a front and side view of the original mansion on its gorgeous site on the Potomac River. River Farms was once a working farm of George Washington's, but is now home to the illustrious American Horticultural Society, a highly important non-profit.

The Alexandria area is of course, closely associated with George Washington's properties, dating  back to when he was our very first president.  The location is on East Boulevard, not too far from Mount Vernon, his main domicile.

The show will be up through early January 2013. SO no excuses as to why you cannot check it out, unless
a) you live more than 1,000 miles away
b) you are in a body cast in full traction
c) you are a baby and have no vehicle.

Starving in my artist's garret actually worked out well, as I needed to lose ten pounds. The glass is half full!

Hoping to see you there!

Your Imaginary Artist Friend,