Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Taylor and Reilly

Dear Imaginary Friends,
I just delivered this portrait to my delightful client, who truly, deeply, loves it. The painting is 24" x 36", and it took me about five months to paint. After I posed them in Old Town in front of the Potomac River, I photographed these cute kids with maybe fifty snapshots. Then I combined the best pics of each child, with an imaginary background that I created from many references and sources. It was a mind game, combining all these different photos in my mind and making them a new ersatz reality. Phew! That was no easy task. 
Your favorite artist,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Dancer, Broadway-Bound

Dear Imaginary Friends,
Theater lover to theater lover, you must get tickets to see Little Dancer now, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The play is about Degas' young ballerina model, her life circumstances, and her relationship with Degas. 
The costumes are a wonder to behold. I have taken many art history classes regarding Impressionism and have seen many images by Degas. The costumes are faithful replicas of those in Degas' paintings, with the charming satin ribbons, underlit theatrically. 
Marie, our young heroine, is the model for Degas' famous wax creation The Little Dancer. Hence the name of the play. 
She is played by Tiler Peck, a well-respected NY City Ballet performer. 
The play is original, but based on a book "The Painted Girls", by Cathy Buchanan. 
The excellent cast is highly pedigreed and all veterans of Broadway productions. 
After the run in Washington, DC, the play will no doubt be on Broadway in New York City. 
Your theater, Degas and ballet lover,