Thursday, May 29, 2014

Antalya, Tukey

Dear Imaginary Friends,
If you have been dreaming of an exotic vacation, with plenty of sun and brreezes, you might want to consider Antalya, Turkey, and Kas, in particular. Situated on the Southern side of the country of Turkey, Kas and Antalya are on the Mediterranean. The water is a deep goregeous blue, and tiny islands abound. Some are Greek and some are Turkish. RIght now, the weather is ideal for a dip in the sea, although do not go there expecting sand beaches like Florida. It is more of a rocky shore, hugging the picturesque cliffs.
Check it out!
Your Imaginary Friend,

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Great Britain is Really Great!

Dear Imaginary World Travelers,

What a treat it is to venture forth into the grounds and elegant embassy residence of Great Britain. Whichever Saturday is closest to May 9, Europe Day, the British Embassy opens its doors to the public, to visit the lovely gardens and much more.

Sir Edward Luytens, the famed British architect, designed the embassy residence, on a shoestring budget during the height of the Great Depression. His style is formal, classic and simply divine.
Today, he is know for his gorgeous garden bench, which is still being reproduced these days, for its graceful design.

The garden was paid for by private citizens, as Great Britain, at the time, ran out of funds for the embassy project.

Being a fan of Downton Abbey, and the Brits in general, I was eager to see it. My efforts were fully rewarded.

If you have the stamina to keep going, many more of the European nations' embassies are open to the public. France, Germany, Italy and Ireland, among others, were all open that day. Admission is free.

Your Home and Garden fanatic,

The British Embassy: America's Answer to Downton Abbey

The Drawing Room, Fabrics Designed by Brown Davis
The State Dining Room in the British Embassy, set as it was for Queen Elizabeth's visit

Andy Warhols' Portrait of Queen Elizabeth Hanging in the Embassy State Dining Room

Architectural Details Abound

The Grand Hall of the Embassy Residence

Irises and Tulips

Allium Against a Backdrop of Boxwood

The Azalea Garden


The Lovely Luytens Bench in Front of the Luytens Architecture

Side Portico

Would Not Mind Living Here!

The Sticky Toffee Pudding Was Pretty Yummy
  We Stood in a Long Line on a Muggy Day, But It Was Worth It!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Survival Kit- At the Art League's Feminism Show

My Survival Kit, 8 x 10",  Oil, framed, for sale at the Art League current show. The gallery opening is this Thursday evening at the Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town, Alexandria. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Islamic Center

 In Washington, DC, a very imposing structure sits on Washington's Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue: the Islamic Center. 
Today it was open to the public and we were welcomed. 
Inside was a rather small mosque decorated with Karastan rugs and beautiful tile work. That is the area where men worship. 
There is a basement room where women are allowed to worship, with no decor and a low ceiling. 
The Islamic Center also contains a book store, ATM machine and a bevy of drink vending machines. 
Next door is the large Turkish Embassy. Today was the annual Embassy Tour, and the participants included Turkey, Peru, Brazil and South Africa.