Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Is It Like?

Dear Imaginary Friends,

What does it feel like, to wear a puppy hat, as well as Thomas the Train boots, with an Elmo backpack, while clutching your perfectly crayoled blue kitty cat in your three year old hands? It feels darn good!
Just look at the artiste's expression.

Your imaginary friend,

Patsie Uchello

Remember, the Pet Rock

Triumphant in its silence, calm in the face of any storm, may I present: a blast from the past, the Pet Rock!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dyke Marsh III: Five Times is the Charm

Dyke Marsh III, c. Patricia Miller Uchello 2014, for sale
Dear Imaginary Friends,

Some landscapes are really special. For me, my favorite place to paint is the edge of Dyke Marsh, which is right by my home in Alexandria, Virginia.

Dyke Marsh and I have been friends for the last 30 years. I have painted it covered with ice, as a background for a portrait, as well as two summer versions and a fall version (above). I think that this one is possibly my favorite, although it is fairly small, at 10 x 10".

I originally hail from the marshy world of Louisiana, known for its wetlands. Muddy bayous and the Mighty Mississippi are my roots. So these wet lands at the edge of the Potomac River suit me just fine. As a matter of fact, my step-father proposed to my mother about forty feet from this spot, giving it even further significance.

Your favorite swamp creature,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Study in White

Study in White, Oil by Patricia Miller Uchello

Dear Imaginary Friends,

Every year, the Art League of Alexandria, Virginia, sponsors a Patron's Show, featuring donated art from its members. 
Tickets are sold for $200 apiece, and attendees vie for their favorite pieces of art.
I am donating Study in White this year.
What are the shades of white? They vary from a yellowish white to a gray, blue, orange, brown, gray or greenish white. All the subtle shades are hard to see and depict accurately. The study of all whites is considered a tour de force. Sort of like painting a polar bear playing in the snow!
This painting is on display from now until February 16, 2014, at the Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory.

Your imaginary friend,


The Isle of Capri

The Isle of Capri, Oil, by Patricia Miller Uchello
Dear Imaginary Friends,

Guess what I recently painted? Only one of the most scenic spots in the world: the jutting rocks off the coast of the Isle of Capri, off shore from Sorrento, Italy, om the famed Amalfi Coast.
That's amore!

We actually took a boat trip through the eye of the needle. The water was a brilliant inky blue. If I had not seen it with my own two eyes, I would never believe it.
Stunning beauty!

Your imaginary friend,