Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sonoma Cellars

The cheese plate, delicious rosemary accented focaccia, and a two ounce wine taste. 
Sonoma Cellars is an exciting new restaurant in Alexandria, VA, on Old Town's King Street. Serving California cuisine, the small, homey restaurant serves small plates and large plates, and specializes in wine pairings of different sizes: both 2 and 6 ounce portions, as well as full bottles. 
Sonoma Cellars offers more vegetarian options than the typical restaurant. My husband and I sampled yummy lentil soup, which was very well-seasoned as well as an outstanding rich beef estouffade (beef stew) with strong flavors of red wine. The unusual touch is the addition of black olives and pappardelle noodles. 
The restaurant was packed despite the hard-to-find sign out front and near black-out of publicity. 
Check it out for healthy options!

Your foodie,

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Blow up House 2016

Dear Imaginary Friends,
Here is every child's Christmas dream: every square foot is covered with blow up cartoon characters celebrating Christmas.