Friday, December 31, 2010

Are You Talking To ME?????

Robert De Niro, Age 3 months
Dear Imaginary Friends,

Ok, I admit; this is actually Parker Lyon, not Robert De Niro. But it could have been. I am just saying. A while back, when Medicare was a new concept.

Because I have such a fascinating life, I am typing this at 10 pm on New Year's Eve. Party hearty!

George Clooney just bought this same penguin suit in size medium, adult. Elizabetta and I find it quite flattering! George and Parker said to tell you all, Happy New Years.

Patsie, grandmother to a future movie star

Friday, December 24, 2010

Just Sold: It's A Vanilla World

                                        It's A Vanilla World, 12 x 12", Oil

Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Sale: Woodstock, VA, 11 x 14", Oil

                                     Woodstock, VA, seen at sunset in the Virginia Mountains, $300

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to My Studio!

Dear Imaginary Friends,
You are now looking at my studio, and at a large oil painting that I completed last year entitled Grand Canal.
This painting is a biggie, measuring about 30" x 40". No doubt, you have noticed that it is a familiar view of the breathtaking city Venice. My husband and I took a Mediterranean cruise that ended there about 2 years ago. 
It was not our first visit. There is no substitute for the first time that one sees the watery city, with its impending doom hanging in the air. The grandeur of Venice is incomparable to any other city I have ever visited. It is a living breathing architectural museum. She is a lovely lady past her prime, but full of guile and charm.
I could not possibly do Venice justice, the way that Caneletto did.
Venice reminds me of my home town New Orleans, in that there is a commonality of danger from water. Both are gorgeous architecturally, draw tons of tourists, and celebrate great food.
A toast to my two favorite cities!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just Sold

                                                            Mary's Cherries, Oil, 8 x 10"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Now for Sale at A Show of Hands:

                                                 Il Ficchi (The Fig), 5 x 7", oil
                                                                  Available for purchase

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Parker In His Puppy Hat

         Parker is dreaming about what Santa will bring him.

Bonkers Was So Bonkers

Bonkers, showing his cute bunny side
Dear Imaginary Friends,
Do you ever think back to pets that you once had, who have moved on to Kitty Cat Heaven?  (Or maybe the alternative, warmer place!) I do. No cat was ever more deranged than my pet Himalayan Bonkers, who was aptly named. 
My friends were afraid of him, did not want to cat-sit him. 
He was 8 lbs. of crazy, wrapped in a beautiful visage and fur coat. His eyes were blue, except when he became possessed. He would wake up out of a deep sleep and I assume, nightmare, to suddenly pounce on the unsuspecting. His eyes would glow in the dark, huge and scary. He would rumble a growl, and advance to your face, as if he were about to eat you on the spot.
Virginia loved Bonkers, too
He was a kitty that only a mother could love. And yet, I miss him, the way he would lie on his back with his paws in bunny pose. I loved his soft silky fur. The hard-to-love amongst us deserve to be loved, just because everyone really does deserve love. Crazy cats included.
Miss you, Bonkers!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The White House

Dear Imaginary Friends,
What a week! I am one lucky girl, because I was invited to go see the White House decor for the holidays. My great friend Mary and I hit the charter bus and went with her neighborhood group to see President Obama's happening home. To say that this year's decor was fabulous is an understatement. The colors, designed by Laura Dowling, chief florist for the White House, were bold and rich: Peacock blue, fuschia, tangerine, lime, gold. It was like a floral painting: a visual treat. Laura uses the French Naturalist method of bunching flowers together, and then inserts them into a larger bunch. She makes her containers as interesting as the flowers, using a pattern of layered magnolia leaves to cover her vessel. Also, she sometimes uses moss to cover the entire vessel, which gave it a swamp-thing kind of interest.
Amazingly, the White House looked modern, fresh and up to date. No cobwebs here!

The ultimate sighting occured; the Superstar of the White House (Not Obama!Not Michelle!Not Malia or Sasha!) is Mr. Bo the Portuguese Water Dog. As Mary and I stood in the large hallway admiring the lifesize replica of Bo, made of pipe cleaners, his doppelganger, the Real Bo, pranced through with two Secret Service agents, telling all of us to step aside and make way. Everybody touring got a big kick out of seeing Bo. No matter your political leanings, he is as cute as any stuffed animal toy you have ever seen.

Cheers to the holidays!
My Mysterious Visitor, 2008, sold 2010
A Lovely Bird in my backyard, 2008