Friday, December 30, 2011

James River Plantations

Some of the first plantation owners in the early eighteenth century South lived on the James River in the state of Virginia. They mostly grew tobacco, and then shipped it back to Mother England.
This is one such home owned by wealthy English colonists, who faced tough weather conditions and Indian problems in America.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parker Redecorates

Dear Imaginary Friends,

Sometimes, a baby is just born with taste, and when he visits a home, he must redecorate.

The Blow Up House

The Blow Up House
Amazing Display of Craziness in America
Somebody Has More Than Their Fair Share of Christmas Spirit!
You Could Almost Fit a Car Up This Driveway
Dear Imaginary Friends,

There is a home in the suburbs of Alexandria, VA, where the Christmas Spirit is abundant. It is littered with plastic blow up characters, and all things Christmasey.
It looks like Christmas came here and threw up.
Somebody might want to edit down the craziness. Then again, the sheer exuberance is just right for Parker, who loves it.

Your Imaginary Friend,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Barbie and Ken Go to Sonoma: Hollah!

Dear Imaginary Friends,

When Carlo and I were in San Francisco this past November, we drove to Sonoma to dine at "The Girl and the Fig" as well as to suss out some California vineyards.

While at The Girl and the Fig, we saw the best bathroom signs ever:

Ken Looks a Tad Drunk
Barbie, saying, right this way, ladies!
The aforementioned bar looks like this:

It's good to know that Barbie and Ken have good taste! They only congregate at the best bars.

Your Imaginary Friend,

Michael Buble'

Is singing to you, "Merry Christmas!"

Grandparents to the Stars

Parker Looks Serious in His Business Suit  
Dear Imaginary Friends,

This year, all the influential babies are wearing a business suit while out and about. Casual Friday babies just cannot cut it in this competitive world.
Do you want your baby to be a loser? OF course, not! So get with the program.
Pampers is also now keeping up with the preschool crowd with a pinstripe diaper. If you want that baby to grow up to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer, instead of a dishwasher or mechanic, get with it, people.

God knows, he could end up as a starving artist, if you put him in sweatpants.

I'm just saying, a word to the wise.

Your Imaginary Friend,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

When Babies Attack, Part Four

Dear Imaginary Friends,

This 26 lb. baby boy looks harmless, but he actually is a powerful force of destruction. Here he seeks and destroys my silk orchid.
In his hand is a cute Mr. Bingle doll from the nineteen-eighties, bought at Maison Blanche in New Orleans. Does Mr. Bingle have a chance of survival, now that Parker is in control? Magic Eight Ball says, "Outlook is doubtful!"

Your Imaginary Friend,

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hello, Kitty, Got a Bad Nose Job!

Dear Imaginary Friends,

In an effort to expand my artistic horizons, I trekked with an artsy friend to the National Portrait Gallery, right here in Washington , DC, to visit the contemporary Asian Artist exhibit. It was very light-hearted and amusing. Here is a sampling, with nods to "Washington Crossing the Delaware":

Washington Meets Japanese Antique Wood Block Prints
Hello, Kitty Got a Reverse Nose Job, and Glasses
Hello, Kitty: I did not know that you were a painter. Well, obviously the Japanese have great senses of humor, judging by this current show. Check it out!

Your Imaginary Friend,

The Sweetest Thing

Who Dat Cute Baby? Dat Parker!
What makes life sweet? Little sweeties like Parker!

Reindeer Wreck

                                  Reindeer Before Parker


We sing a sad song for this papier mache' reindeer who has been in our family about 20 years. So long, Blitzen.

Yours very truly,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skinny Cat

Please send this poor cat some cat food. He is made by Giacometti, and he needs a solid meal. You can find him in the modern collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The French Rooms at the Met

What is chic and fabulous?
I am so glad that you asked! The stunningly beautiful French Rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Quel glamour!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Monet at the Met

Who is more beloved than French Impressionist Claude Monet? And these paintings illustrate why.

Donald Trump: All Too Ubiquitous and Ambitious

The front door of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue
Dear Imaginary Friends,

There is no way that one can avoid Donald Trump and his buildings in New York City. He has a building on Fifth Avenue near Rockefeller Center, and one across from the United Nations, just two of the places we were visiting. I believe there is another one right by the Central Park, as well as several others. What's a tourist to do?

The time I visited New York with my friend Joan, we actually ran into him inside this very building. He was riding the escalator inside waving to the tourists like he was some kind of King of the Realm. Which he would certainly be if he ever won the Presidency. People, can we please not ever let that happen? 

Thank you; I feel better having solicited your help in this matter of grave importance.

Your Imaginary Friend,

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fendi Facade on Fifth Avenue

Check out the diamond belts on Fendi's stylish store in New York City!

Van Gogh at the Met

Van Gogh and his florals: the white roses piece was owned by Pamela Harriman. She loved it dearly.
Vincent Van Gogh may be infamous for cutting off his ear, but he is treasured for his unusual portrayals of flowers, landscapes, portraits, and interiors.
He was certainly the prototype of the tortured artist who gave his all for his art.

Edward Hopper at the Met

I am a big fan of Edward Hopper. His scenes of American isolation set in the forties carry an intriguing narrative. I am also entranced by the strong lighting he uses in his exterior scene. I am a fan!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Titian at the Met

Titian, famous for his lush allegorical nudes, hailed from Venice. He was one of the most respected Baroque masters. And you can see this masterpiece during the temporary exhibit of Venetian Art at the Met in New York City this winter.
Venus and Cupid

Clean up on Aisle 6!

Parker learns the reality of cleaning up.

Vermeer at the Met

Vermeer is widely cherished for his intimate pairings of quiet solitude and convincing realism. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has four or more of his rare paintings. Enjoy!