Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mosca's Restaurant in the Outskirts of New Orleans

Dear Imaginary Foodies,

Greetings from the culinary center of the world:  New Orleans, Louisiana.
Last night, my sister, brother in law and I enjoyed a trek to the West Bank of New Orleans to dine at Mosca's. We all agreed on the best dishes: crab salad, chicken grandee', and shrimp Mosca. If you are fond of such dishes, you will be delighted to bring wads of cash to this destination. No, they don't take credit cards, but, yes, they do have an ATM on site!
The former death trap bridge, known as the Huey P. Long, is no longer the scary ride it once was.
You no longer have to be a stunt driver to cross the Mississippi River to get to Waggaman, LA.
Mosca's, meaning spider in Italian, was owned by a Sicilian family well-known in Southern Louisiana.
Despite the low decor, the prices are high. Nonetheless, the food redeems itself. If you are a vegetarian, your choices are limited to house salad and spaghetti Bordelaise. There are virtually no veggies on the menu and only two desserts: pineapple fluff (!) and cheese cake. Skip those and head to Brocato's instead for dessert.

Your imaginary foodie,

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Downton Abbey Exhibit at Winterthur

At Winterthur in Delaware, one can visit the Downton Abbey exhibit from now through January 4, 2015. Tickets are limited, and timed, so advance purchase is recommended.
The thrust of this exhibit is the similarity of the fictional Grantham family living in Downton Abbey shown on PBS, to the very real family of DuPonts, who lived in Winterthur, which is now a museum.

Henry DuPont's Drawing Room, with original hand painted Chinese wall paper

Henry DuPont's Dining Room

Jamie Wyeth, at the Brandywine Museum

The Red Wolf, by Jamie Wyeth

Brandywine Museum in Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania

The Brandywine Museum, founded by a descendant of the DuPont family, sits along a lovely stream. Part mill, part modern glass walled edifice, it is just the place for Wyeth afficianados.
It is also possible to visit Andrew Wyeth's studio. 
The draftsmanship of the Wyeth family is nothing short of amazing. 
Coincidentally, a new traveling exhibit is concurrently on display at the West Wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. 
Your imaginary friend, 
Glass Wall Facade of the Brandywine Museum Shows off Stream View to Full Advantage

Rhododendrons Outside the Traditional Facade of the BrandywineMuseum