Friday, May 31, 2013

Brookside Gardens

Dear Imaginary Friends,
What better garden to visit in rose season than Brookside Garden in Wheaton, Maryland?
Brookside is beautifully designed; it contains a fragrance garden, a rose garden, a conservatory, a butterfly garden and a Japanese Tea House.
We saw peonies the size of plates, live turtles swimming in ponds, butterflies flying around us, and sculpture well-integrated into the garden landscape. 
Admission is free. No food is sold.
Your Imaginary Friend,

Japanese Tea House

Side View of Japanese Gate


McCrillis Gardens

In Bethesda, Md., a tiny garden named Mc Crillis Gardens is tucked into a lovely neighborhood near the famed Burning Tree Country Club.
Check it out! We did.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yellow Iris

Dear Imaginary Friends,
What did I paint last Wednesday, did you just ask? Well, since you are so insistent and must know, here goes!

The Yellow Iris, Oil, 24" x 12" by Patricia M. Uchello, c.2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Yellow Glow of Happiness

Dear Imaginary Friend,
What is sunnier than the very sun? Yellower than any tube of paint?
The sunflower!
Vincent Van Gogh knew when he was onto a good thing.

Sunflowers, Oil, by Patricia Miller Uchello, c. 2013

Magical Abracadabra

How does this... become this?

I am so glad that you asked.:)  It was transformed from 3D to 2D. An illusion. Magic. The magic transformation provided by the visual arts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today's Painting: Lots of Golden Yellow!

Dear Imaginary Friends,

I try to create a new oil painting each Wednesday. And therefore-- ta dah!

Your Imaginary Friend,

Oranges and Sunflowers, Oil, by Patricia Miller Uchello, c. 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

Vera's Seafood Restaurant in Lusby, MD

Dear Food Fairy,
Where can I find a tranquil view of water not too far from Washington, DC, with great seafood?
Hungry and Frazzled

Dear Getaway Lover,
Here is the perfect day-trip for you:
Head South about an hour from the Washington Beltway on Rt. 4/2 toward the tiny but charming Solomon's Island in Maryland. And while you are at it, have a great seafood meal at Vera's in Lusby, MD. The views of the water are 180 degrees. Not a bad table in the house. There is also outdoor dining.
Tell the resident mermaid that I said hi, and order something with crab.
Food Fairy

Vera, in her Former Days of Glory

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anne Marie Sculpture Center and Art Center

Dear imaginary friends,

Want to visit a beautiful sculpture garden in the woods? Try Anne Marie Sculpture Garden in Solomon's Island.
Owned by the Smithsonian, the garden exhibits sculpture from the Hirschorn's collection. The sculptures sit in carefully sited woodsy settings. Big names such as Francesco Zuniga are among the many artists.
There is also a very original collection of artsy bird houses.
An hour from Washington, DC, it is accessible via Route 4 South through Maryland. This destination is also suitable for small children. Enjoy!

Your imaginary friend,